About Moss Mother Oracle

Moss Mother Oracle has been reading cards for several decades (or, since the Stone Age). She reads with her own handmade cards, and hails from a long line of cranky old women with powerful gifts.  She is well known in local haunts for her readings, art, henna, and vibrant personality.

She has over 30 years of running her own businesses and art ventures, and a loyal tribe of devoted friends and acquaintances who swear by her work.  (Plus, there is just so much bullshit out there... she is the real deal.) 

Just in case you're wondering, Moss Mother only plays in the positives.  She will not do negative work, curses, charms, or hexes. However, if you are looking for honesty, you'll get it; whether it is pretty or not.  Information is the key to making those decisions or having the knowledge needed to move forward.

In her daily life, Moss Mother Oracle goes by the name Dagmar.  She is a gentle yet wise spirit who will help fill the question marks in your life in with answers you didn't even know existed.  Welcome!