Love and Romance 9-Card Snapshot Reading

What it it?

This is the most popular spread for finding out what has been going on in your life, recurring themes, clarifying your present circumstances, and giving you a hint of what is to come - but with a love and romance twist.  Learn what has been afoot and what is to come.

What to expect?

You will be given a choice of 6 decks with 1-10 cards, and you will choose a total of 9 cards.  This will determine card placement in your spread.  Moss Mother will lay it out clearly for you and explain the meaning of the placement before the reading.

How long does this take?

35 minutes is the average time for this reading.  It may go +/- 5 minutes, but that is plenty of time to discuss what the cards are saying and how to apply the findings to your life.

Should you desire more time or additional card pulls, please see our menu.